The retirement benefit solution for the legal profession
What is the goal
of the fund?
The Legal Provident Fund (“the Fund”) was registered in 1967 as an independent body for the legal profession and since then has been providing member employees with retirement, death and disability benefits. The Fund is an independent umbrella retirement fund, regulated by the Pension Funds Act, 1956, as amended, and other applicable law.
Who can join
the fund?
The Fund is open to employees, directors and partners. It is also open to employees of advocates and advocates’ groups. Sole practitioners and advocates are not “employees” and cannot join an occupational retirement fund. They can take out a policy for individuals such as a retirement annuity. Most law firms do not have enough employees to be able to set up their own retirement fund. Through the Fund, employees of individual law firms are pooled to negotiate good benefits and affordable premiums.
Who administers the fund?
The Fund has been administered by Alexforbes since 2004. Alexforbes has a distinguished track record in providing employee benefits solutions. For more information about Alexforbes please visit
To read about how your personal information is protected and used please go to the privacy statement of the Fund here and the privacy statement of Alexforbes here.
To make the benefits of the Fund easier to understand we have simplified the detail on this website. The website is for information purposes only and does not supersede the Rules of the Fund or the insurer’s policies. In the event of there being a discrepancy, the Rules of the Fund or the insurer’s policies will prevail. This documentation is available to all participating employers.